Privacy Policy

The policy outlines how we use any personal data or information personal to you both when you use this website and the functions linked to it and when you engage with our services. We outline here your right to limit access to this data. This website is linked to a number of other companies for the purpose of booking appointments, billing and archiving of personal information including patient notes. This policy does not cover individual aspects of these businesses and links to the specifics of their practice can be found below. 

Policy update and agreement 20th June 2022.

Use of this website 

We use Google analytics which allows us to see what type of traffic we see through our site and make adjustment to the way in which the site works. We do not collect any personal data from you and none of the data analysed is specific to you or can be used to contact you regarding any other products of services. We use Google analytics to improve access to our site and improve our business presence. Our data is handled and analysed by The Click Hub who have their own policies regarding data handling and analysis. More information can be found at We do not allow tracking of any data by Google or other providers. 


Cookies are small data files that are stored on your computed by websites that you visit. These provide information to websites and business and are used as part of Google analytics. If you would prefer that our website does not analyse your search and browsing data then cookies can be disabled on the website using the pop up box that you will see when you access the site initially. Cookies can also be disabled from all websites using the settings function on you own computer. 

Booking to see us and contact details 

If you want to book an appointment with us then demographic data (such as age and contact details) will be requested to enable us to contact you to confirm your booking and inform you of any changes that may occur. The data you give us is used solely for this purpose and will not be used by us or any other third parties to contact you in any way. If you wish to receive additional information from us including marketing and offers then we will specifically request your permission. If you opt to receive additional marketing information from us the you can opt out at any time and your will receive no further communication. 

When you book with us, you will be provided with a short form to complete. This form details the nature of your condition and any other relevant medical information to the treatment being considered. This form will provide structure for the medical note we will complete and share with yourself and your GP if you wish us to do so. 

Booking forms and details of your procedure are managed through a third part online booking and medical practice software company called Medesk. All data is held encrypted and securely and can only be access by us or by you at your request. Your medial data will never be shared with other companies without your express permission and only ever used in anonymised formats for the purpose of internal audit which makes part of good governance practice. Your medical information will be held by securely by the Medesk medical notes platform and if not accessed for a period of 7 years then deleted. We will share information with your GP with your permission. You can gain access to any notes we make on request. In addition, Medesk: 

  • Take GDPR compliance very seriously and have built the Medesk platform with these rules in mind from the start
  • Provide role-based access to ensure people only see the information they should
  • Hold a globally recognised 2048-bit SLL certificate
  • Have redundant cloud storage, with servers based wholly in the United Kingdom
  • Maintain high-security data centres as used by leading banks and financial institutions

All the data we store is available to you at all times, and can be permanently destroyed upon request

Further information regarding policies and procedures around Medesk and data storage and booking can be found at 

Payment to us via the website 

Payments for services can be made directly through the web site. We use a third-party payment platform known as Stripe. We pay a tariff for this service. Our website allows access to Stripe securely for the handling of payments. Our website does not collect any financial data. Stripe payments are subject to financial regulation and they are registered with the FSA. More information can be found at

Email marketing and offers 

We will always ask your permission to send you offers. This will usually be via email. If your wish to receive offers from us then please indicate this on the booking form. Opting out is easy and can be done at any time by clinking the link on any received marketing email. Opting out does not affect your rights in any other way. 

Your rights

You have the right to access you personal information at any time. If you inform us in writing or by email we will send your data within 30 days. If you wish to challenge, amend or delete any of the data collected please let us know and we can discuss further. 

You can opt out or analytic data via the website as detailed above and opt out of marketing by clicking on the inbuilt link. 

We are registered and compliant with data management and handling as per the information commissioner’s Office (ICO). If you wish to make a complaint regarding how your data has been handled please contact us directly. You may wish to contact the ICO directly is you feel that your issues have not been resolved. 

Contact details

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