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  • We provide a service for micro-suction and foreign body removal that mirrors NHS hospital care. Procedures are carried out by experienced ENT nurse practitioners under the supervision of ENT consultants. 
  • We only use operating ENT microscopes to assess and treat ears
  • Patients with complex ears can usually be managed by ENT nurse practitioners. Issues can be resolved by an ENT consultant when needed. 
  • We are a CQC registered company and only operate in CQC rated environments (GP practices). 
    • Current practice addresses: 
    • St Leonards GP practice 
    • Kingkerswell GP practice 
  • We are indemnified and regulated through the GMC and NMC 
  • We have a governance structure that includes procedures to manage complaints and feedback.
  • We can provide follow up recommendation, advice on referral and audiology support as necessary. 
  • To enquire about our services in your region or if you wish to consider incorporating this practice as part of your general practice network please contact us.